martes, 16 de febrero de 2010

Encuentra la inspiración para dibujar con Michael Nobbs.

1) Carry a small sketchbook everywhere. 2) Keep a favourite pen in your pocket/bag. 3) Get them both out regularly. 4) Read inspirational books (“Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" is a good starting place, as are “Everyday Matters” by Danny Gregory and Frederick Franck’s “The Zen os Seeing”). 5) Visit inspirational websites (try and for starters). 6) Find some drawing friends and arrange to meet for a drawing session. 7) Take a class (a good way of helping with number 6). 8) Make lots of bad drawings (and learn not to care). 9) Make a bad drawing when you first wake up. 10) Make another before you go to bed. 11) Draw your morning cup of tea (see 9). 12) Draw your toothbrush (see 10). 13) Buy or make a (slim) sketchbook and set yourself a date to fill it by. 14) Treat yourself to a present (a new sketchbook?) if you complete number 13. 15) Draw it. 16) Take photos of things you want to draw while you’re out and about but are too nervous/haven’t time. Draw from them. 17) Go somewhere specifically to draw (a museum, a zoo, a gallery, a library, a bookshop, a café). 18) Draw somewhere you just happen to be (the supermarket, the doctor’s waiting room, your desk, in the cinema (even if it’s dark). 19) Draw in your car (after you’ve parked!) before you get out of it. 20) When meeting a friend, get there ten minutes early and draw something. 21) Hang around after you’ve met a friend and draw something else. 22) Hold a drawing party and give everyone a sketchbook and a pen and make drawings of each other’s faces without looking at the paper 23) Give up watching one TV programme and draw instead. 24) If you can’t give up a programme draw it instead. 25) Draw instead of eating pudding once a week (good for your waistline too). 26) Draw your pudding (that you’re not eating). 27) Eat it anyway (and draw the empty plate). 28) Draw your pet. 29) Draw your lover(s). 30) Draw your mother. 31) Draw your father. 32) Draw your brother. 33) Draw your sister. 34) Draw your best friend. 35) Draw your worst friend. 36) Draw yourself in a mirror if you haven’t got any of 28 to 35. 37) Get more people in your life (draw them). 38) Find old photos of yourself and draw them. 39) Make a drawn “photo” album of your friends and relatives. 40) Draw while you’re on the toilet. 41) Draw while you listen to the radio. 42) Draw while you wait for the kettle to boil. 43) Draw while you’re on the phone. 44) Draw your phone. 45) Set a timer and draw for fifteen minutes. 46) Draw for fifteen more. 47) Go for a walk and draw three things you see. 48) Draw the contents of your bag. 49) Not feeling well? Draw your medicines. 50) Do you collect anything? Draw your collection. 51) Buy something unusual from eBay. Draw it. 52) Start a collection of unusual objects. Draw them. 53) Sort out things you no longer want. Draw them. 54) Collect together your five favourite things. Draw them. 55) Open a random cupboard. Draw what you see. 56) Draw your favourite food. 57) Draw your least favourite food. 58) Draw the book you’re reading. 59) Draw your washing hanging on the line. 60) Draw your shoes. 61) Draw your hand. 62) Draw your foot. 63) Draw your breakfast. 64) Draw your lunch. 65) Draw your dinner. 66) Pick a favourite cafe and work through the menu, drawing everything as you go. 67) Start making tea in a pot (and draw the pot). 68) Start buying loose leaf tea and get a tea caddy to keep it in. Draw it. 69) While you’re at it, draw your coffee pot. 70) Draw your dirty dishes. 71) Draw your clean dishes. 72) Draw your washing-up brush. 73) Stay up ten minutes later tonight and draw something. 74) Get up ten minutes earlier tomorrow and draw something. 75) Put down this book and draw the first thing you see.

Y de regalo una página donde te presentan poses de la figura humana para que practiques.
Tiene diferentes modalidades para practicar, por ejemplo, cada 30 segundos pasa al siguiente dibujo y tienes que dibujar todo lo que puedas en ese tiempo.

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